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I don’t know why it takes so long…

Posted in Production Stuff on June 2, 2012 by Daniel Pinheiro Lima

Making of Joana (just a screenshot):

– português-

 Estamos animando Joana! Acima tem uma imagem da produção!


Our First Pencil Test – Nosso Primeiro Teste de Animação

Posted in Production Stuff on March 20, 2011 by Daniel Pinheiro Lima

This is the first test of the short animation “Jane” that are producing this year:

Este é o primeiro teste do curta de animação “Joana” que estamos produzindo este ano:

The pencil test was produced with hand-drawn sketches, scanned with the Simple Scan 2.32.0, “the drawings were assembled and edited directly in” Blender 2.56a “using a script called” Image Changer “created by strong, and migrated to blender at 2:56 on the big Dalai Felinto hack ScriptLinks “Daniel Salazar (ZanQdo).

Este pencil test foi produzido com desenhos feitos à mão, scaneados com o “Simple Scan 2.32.0″, os desenhos foram montados e editados diretamente no” blender 2.56a” usando um script chamado “Image Changer” criado por forTE, e migrado para o blender 2.56 pelo grande Dalai Felinto sobre o hack “ScriptLinks” de Daniel Salazar (ZanQdo).

Pencil test montado no Blender.

In a future post I intend to explain the step by step in this process so far, I can say that this script allows me to edit the timing of an animation in blender, or after capturing the designs can go directly into the blender to test whether these drawings are working, how many poses and must add that I can reuse one or several times (very important for the cartoon).

Em um post futuro pretendo explicar o passo a passo deste processo, por enquanto, posso dizer que este script permite que eu edite o timing de uma animação no blender, ou seja, após capturar os desenhos posso ir diretamente no blender para testar se estes desenhos estão funcionando, quantas poses preciso acrescentar e quais posso reaproveitar uma ou diversas vezes (extremamente importante para desenho animado). Sendo assim eu posso pegar só os quadros chave e pré-visualizar a cena

Here is the keyframes with some timing – Este são os quadros chave com alguma marcação de tempo.

This scene that we produce will now move through a series of tests completed, we want to close as the final visual concepts of animation ever produced. We are also beginning the process more Fordiniano process, where all layouts will be produced, backgrounds will be painted and of course, trainees will be hired.

Esta cena que produzimos vai passar agora por uma série de testes de finalização, queremos aproximar o máximo o visual final da animação dos concepts já produzidos. Também estamos começando o processo mais Fordiniano do processo, onde todos os layouts serão produzidos, cenários serão pintados e lógico, estagiários serão contratados.

The real thing

Posted in Production Stuff on May 5, 2010 by Dilly

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay again! (I swear I’ll stop talking about it…)

For our new project (from which we still can not talk much about) we’ve asked a friend from work, Edvaldo Vieira, who’s very good with modeling – to make a statue of the main character in the short: Gadanthara. Gadanthara is the strange figure dressed in the yellow raincoat, he is an employee of The Detail Library (in the history).

Edvaldo (or Eddie) is an excellent artist who has done work as designer and sculptor for large enterprises. The only problem is that he doesn’t have his work published on the internet! =P

We’ve asked him how was the experience of work in this model:

“I really liked, was very nice to work on something different from my usual work (superheroes and advertising). The designs of Eduardo Damasceno are very different even from the animations that go out today. I really want to (when I have time) make more models for the project!”

Here is some images of the model:

And we love the result! Actually we like so much that we are reviewing the model and RIG of the character thanks to the excellent work of translating the 2D to 3D design that Eddie did!

Thanks Eddie!