What’s been up

Hello there, it’s been a long time (ok, long long long time), but here we are , in order to tell you allthat’s being going on. By the end of 2008 the project went on a halt, that happened mainly because we couldn’t afford to keep working so many hours on it and still pay our bills… everybody was quite sad that we couldn’t go on working on it like we were. But our hopes were renewed by the idea of organizing the project and trying to make some money so we could pay everybody that had been working on it. At the same time, other projects appeared that demanded our attention. Some of us were trying to get a project approved at AnimaTV a government program that supports the production of animated TV series, (I’ll be back on that later) and others were studying and/working their asses off.

One thing that aways inspired us and motivated us to continue our work on the project was the comments and emails we received from people telling us what they felt about it, asking for more and basically wanting to know more about the Detail Library Project. All that kept us believing in the potential of the project. One of these people that aways made sure that we knew how much he liked our work was Mark Puttnam, from animux. So when he asked our help in creating a teaser for his upcoming project “Prince Harming to Prince Charming” we were very glad to help him out. We wouldn’t be able to be completely compromised with his hole project, but we were very excited about helping out with the teaser. It was quite a chaotic process, a global team working together to get everything done in a few weeks, in order for the teaser to be shown at sigraph 2009. A handful of talented technicians and artists each one working in a different place of the globe, it was a very interesting experience and we hope all the best for the team. As said before we couldn’t continue completely committed to the prince harming project, that was because of AnimaTV.

Here is the teaser:

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/vDCBlch2Ag%5D

Now, about the AnimaTV
We didn’t get any project approved on AnimaTV, but we were lucky enough to become the team responsible for the production of one of the projects pilots that were selected: Pirates x Ninjas x Robots x Cowboys. And we’ve been very committed to it. The pilot (as all of our other projects) is being made solely with open and free software: Gimp, Inkscape, Blender and Scribus for the project’s bible. Here you can see some of the early art and some stills. And that’s what we have being doing nowadays. We can’t wait to get our hands back on Gadanthara. We are now thinking of ways to gather money so we can work more at ease at the Detail Library Project.

Projeto selecionado no concurso ANIMATV
Projeto selecionado no concurso ANIMATV
Projeto selecionado no concurso ANIMATV
Projeto selecionado no concurso ANIMATV

Thanks For all the support!


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