We had a lot of trouble concepting our little town for it has to be like an old pirate town. So we chose to put in some ancient buildings, thus creating a mood for San Corisco. Of course, the buildings, once beautiful and majestic, end up being just another place on which to poster some advertisement. Swallowed by publicitary sheets, San Corisco becomes a war zone for the visual pictures, each one fighting for some portion of the valuable space. Since advertisement is the key for success in business, shopkeepers, magicians, businessmen, showmen and the like spare no effort in making themselves known in the streets. In this scene, we tried to make our city a kind of stage for all this struggle to the top of the business pyramid.

There are some beautiful trees, used as a substract for the unmerciful publicitary advertisement. Those trees were probably placed once in a nicer context; however all the visual pollution kinda killed all the bucolic aspects of the town.

Now here is a train depot: the chaotic intertwined lines are meant to give the idea of a unplanned town, as if the building had been improvised.

Here is a concept of one of the houses, always trying to recall early XXth century buildings.

That’s one of the first concepts of a once beautiful square, in the middle of the town. Probably it should have some more trees, but it can be easily seen like this.


2 Responses to “Concepting”

  1. Isso que é post bem feito! =)Valeu d+ a contribuição fi!

  2. Nuh, fantástico o texto. Belo post!

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