Main Character’s Design 01

In the process of finding the right look for our main character many things were tried and tossed away. Here’s a part of that process and the final design for it. On screen you’ll only see him with his raincoat on, although, during the design process I usually made him naked first, since he’s body is so peculiar. And I really wanted the raincoat to be “on” something. Gadanthara (that’s the name of our main character, later in some other post we dive deeper in story maters.) is quite a good challenge artistically speaking, his dark body in front of dark environments, the thin dark hands that need to be able to make subtle moves in a way that it doesn’t end up looking like a black gloo or something. But he’s quite the good guy, so we do what we need to make his world believable. Enjoy it!

One of the first ones, that’s not even a raincoat! And his wearing this weird paints…

our fist chubby try out

clothes on!

The stretch line, trying out lots of different silhouettes in order to avoid missing something for not experimenting.

Almost there

And here he is:


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  1. Nice to see quality post from you again Damasceno. :)Very nice.

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